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Suggestions, please

Remember my post from the other day, the one where I came out about Adam and Reid still not pooping in the potty? Well, four days in, we’re no closer to a poop in the potty. We’ve had 3 dry nights, which is amazing. But we’re starting to get concerned because they will. not. poop.

The list of bribes that we’ve offered is at least as long as my arm. It ranges from candy to toys to a trip to dinosaur world. The boys know it, and can recite all the things they’ve been offered. Nothing has offered enough inspiration to lead to, um, action.

So, I’m putting the call out to the interwebs. Has anyone out there been in a situation like this? Did your neighbor’s friend’s cousin have kids like this? Tell me what worked for them. Please!



coming out of the closet

I’m going to come out with it….our dirty little secret….

Adam and Reid do not yet poop on the potty. They had finally gotten to a point of pooping in the evening, into a diaper, that we were happy to keep it that way. Until yesterday.

I got a phone call that Reid wasn’t feeling well at school, could I come get him. So I popped into my car and zipped over to school. He was napping, but I picked him up and took him back to my car.

I asked him what was wrong. and he told me that he had to poop in a diaper. So I took him home and let him do it.

But last night, “I threw down the gauntlet” and decided that we were no longer going to allow diapers at all. They will be four in two months, and are old enough to stay dry throughout the night and to poop into the potty or toilet.

Adam spent 45 minutes to 1 hour screaming about how scared he was, and Reid spent the time *ahem* in other ways. They went to bed late, but in underwear. David woke them up at 1 am, and they both peed. This morning we only had dry beds. So that was definitely a success.

Tonight after dinner we’ll try it again.

What happened to the nap

Suddenly, we’re on a non-napping binge. And it isn’t so good

Bring back the nap

the right people

I’ve been composing this post in my head all day, and finally have 5 minutes to sit down and write it.

Today we celebrated Adam and Reid’s birthday at the park with lots of moms and kids from my mothers’ group. We shared the occassion with another family whose daughter’s birthday is December 24. I brought coffee and cupcakes and she brought cookies, fruit and drinks for the kids. The weather was perfect. Sunny and just warm enough.

but better than the weather was the company. These are women who stood by my and my family’s side during my challenging pregnancy. They visited me here at home and the hospital, brought their kids over to play with dorothy, cooked for us, bought a ton of diapers for the babies, and celebrated with us at the bris.

Since then, they haven’t hesitated to lend a hand when I’m out with the boys. And there are times that I clearly need help. Weather its helping to give one of the boys a bottle, or bouncing one on their knee,  or helping me to carry my load. I’m never afraid to ask….and they don’t hesitate to offer.

From the moment we found out that I was having twins, these women have been there for me, and every day I am thankful that I fell in with this group of really wonderful, beautiful, inspirational women.

the countown is on

cupcakes are in the oven
tomorrow they will be 1
so crazy

holy, bleep

my life as I know it is about to change. Drastically.

Adam has taken his first tentative steps.

we’re never leaving the house again

stupid, stupid, stupid

after my last bout with mastitis I virtually stopped pumping, and Adam and Reid stopped getting bottles. It was too much work, David was exhausted from being up with me every night, and all I wanted to do was nurse and get rid of the clogged ducts that got me into such trouble in the first place. Well, I got over the mastitis, and (thankfully) haven’t had any issues since. But Adam and Reid have not taken a bottle since. And now I want them to.

We had the same issue with dorothy. She took bottles happily and without argument until she was 6 weeks old. I went away for the weekend without her and it was fine. then we stopped giving her bottles and she wouldn’t take one when we wanted her to.

I should have been smarter. I could have seen this coming from a mile away.

Now I am exhausted and probably anemic and I cannot get Adam to take the bottle at all. Reid took 1/2 ounce this morning and I was all, “yay, yippe, you’re great!” But really 1/2 oz is not going to get me anywhere, especially if his brother won’t do it at all.

I plan on starting the boys on solids a few days after they turn 6 months old (next month) and I’m really depending on them to eat the solids. I just can’t have the two of them nursing exclusively for as long as their sister did.

and we’re going to work on the bottles every day from now on. possibly twice a day.