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Turkeys? Yes, turkeys

Today I spent the day volunteering in Dorothy’s classroom. I love the days when I’m able to do that. I’m supposed to be there every Friday, but last week Reid had a fever, so I couldn’t make it
I busied myself with tracing 18 turkeys for the children to decorate before thanksgiving.

I am not a good trace-er. I drew all over the templates, and got marker all over my hands. It might never come out. I also glued a story together. Total busywork. But I don’t mind. I’m helping to make mrs w’s load a little lighter, and I get to spend 2+ hours in the classroom getting to know these adorable kids. Next week I’ll stay for brunch with them

I’m training for the women’s half marathon again this year, and we are almost there. Last week we did 10 miles, and tomorrow we’ll go 8, so the ‘tapering’ has begun. Now to just not get sick or injured in the last two weeks.


Suggestions, please

Remember my post from the other day, the one where I came out about Adam and Reid still not pooping in the potty? Well, four days in, we’re no closer to a poop in the potty. We’ve had 3 dry nights, which is amazing. But we’re starting to get concerned because they will. not. poop.

The list of bribes that we’ve offered is at least as long as my arm. It ranges from candy to toys to a trip to dinosaur world. The boys know it, and can recite all the things they’ve been offered. Nothing has offered enough inspiration to lead to, um, action.

So, I’m putting the call out to the interwebs. Has anyone out there been in a situation like this? Did your neighbor’s friend’s cousin have kids like this? Tell me what worked for them. Please!


coming out of the closet

I’m going to come out with it….our dirty little secret….

Adam and Reid do not yet poop on the potty. They had finally gotten to a point of pooping in the evening, into a diaper, that we were happy to keep it that way. Until yesterday.

I got a phone call that Reid wasn’t feeling well at school, could I come get him. So I popped into my car and zipped over to school. He was napping, but I picked him up and took him back to my car.

I asked him what was wrong. and he told me that he had to poop in a diaper. So I took him home and let him do it.

But last night, “I threw down the gauntlet” and decided that we were no longer going to allow diapers at all. They will be four in two months, and are old enough to stay dry throughout the night and to poop into the potty or toilet.

Adam spent 45 minutes to 1 hour screaming about how scared he was, and Reid spent the time *ahem* in other ways. They went to bed late, but in underwear. David woke them up at 1 am, and they both peed. This morning we only had dry beds. So that was definitely a success.

Tonight after dinner we’ll try it again.

the countown is on

cupcakes are in the oven
tomorrow they will be 1
so crazy

holy, bleep

my life as I know it is about to change. Drastically.

Adam has taken his first tentative steps.

we’re never leaving the house again


first, I must brag about dorothy. Today she spelled her last name. All 11 letters of it. over and over again. I could hardly contain myself. She spelled it again on the phone to her Nona, who heard her loud and clear. What a smart daughter I have.

Second. I must brag about my upcoming weekend. David and I are leaving today and jetting off to Key West. We have a wedding there. but mostly I’m excited to be missing the drive, or the boat ride–we’re taking a plane. And while I do LOVE MY CHILDREN VERY MUCH, David and I need some time to reconnect and be alone with eachother. I’m also excited that I’ll be able to see my friend Lynn and her daughters Skylar and Zoe. They moved away from St Petersburg almost a year ago. It was when Adam and Reid were tiny, and I didn’t get to say goodbye.  So I’m psyched to see them this weekend too.

My parents, AKA: Nona and Papu, are filling in this weekend, and they can’t wait to have uninterrupted time with the kids. Wish them luck!

Good news: my previous contractor didn’t screw us quite as badly as he could have. it turns out that the shower drain was in fact vented to the roof. So we haven’t been posining ourselves slowly with methane fumes all these years. 🙂

Highchair update

I can lead my horse to water, but I can’t make her drink.

Putting Dorothy in the highchair at mealtime has completely changed the dynamic in our house. She doesn’t fight it at all, may not eat, but is pleasant and participates in table conversation.

sometimes she starts the meal in a regular chair, but after she gets up once we tell her that if she gets up again she’ll have to go in the highchair. Usually she asks to go in it right then. She sits and has at least a few bites of her meal.

I know that kids crave structure and routine. I can only imagine that this is part of it. Whatever it is, I’m just so glad its working.