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dinner at my house tonight

we’re eating Thai Honey Peanut Chicken. Delicious. And the kids usually eat it


no running

well, today was that 5K that I mentioned. I didn’t make it. couldn’t drag my sorry ass out of bed this morning. Last night I was exhausted and sore and coughing. this morning more of the same, so when david told me it was 6:45 (we needed to leave by 7) and did I want to do the run, I said no, and rolled over for 45 more minutes of blissful sleep

but then by 10 am, I was fine. so totally strange. what is up with me?

I got my hair colored today. thank goodness. I had about 2 inches of roots. and boy do I mean roots. I have a LOT Of grey hair, and its all up front for the world to see.

David took the kids on a bike ride this morning, they went to see the runners, and then to a playground…without shoes. The boys came home so dirty, it was unbelievable. sorry that I did not take pictures of their feet, hands or faces. I’ve never seen anything like it, but I should probably get used to it…they are boys, after all!

hope it doesn’t rain tomorrow so I can get a workout in.

what a night/day

last night david went for a LOOOOOONG run, about 12 miles, cooled down, showered off, and sat down to get into bed, and boom….the beeper goes off….He had to go in and repair someone’s ruptured eye, and then before he was done in the operating room, he got another page, and another ruptured eye to repair.

so I let him sleep a little. He stayed in bed until it was just too noisy, and then I took all the kids with me to strollerfit. Came home, dropped off the boys, got dorothy to eat something, and got her changed into her ballet “get up” (as it has come to be known) for dance class.

Home now, david is out seeing another patient at the hospital, and checking on last night’s patients, and all the kids are napping. Maybe going to strollerfit is the thing to do, I make sure that dorothy runs–alot–and with dance class on top of that, she was glazed over in the car on the way home. I’ll be in the shower in a minute.

tomorrow I’m running in a 5K tomorrow morning, and then some friends and I are going to run/walk/have a ball at the Disney Princess Half Marathon in March. ¬†there’s a good chance that we’re crazy!

feeling better today

woke up with more back pain, but powered through it, and went to work out. so glad that I did. I feel great now…and I’ll probably feel better after a shower. back pain is gone, hopefully for good.

One of the cool things about housing my blog at is that they give me all this cool information about what people look at on my blog, including how they got to me…what they may have googled to find me, or if they clicked a link from another website. It is so strange to see how people find me. I wrote a post over a year ago after dorothy had a fit of vomiting. she called it ‘pupe’ get it…instead of puke. lots of people find my blog by searching for ‘pupe’ or ‘puping’ I wonder if they find what they’re looking for…


I took the boys to a music class this morning at noisemakers.  its not your average kids music class. its ROCK AND ROLL!!!

we’ve been once before, here’s a picture of reid playing the drums

if its possible, today was more fun, they both got on the seat and played on a full size drum kit, the owner of the music studio, Gabe, played some kids songs, including “old Mick Jagger” (to the tune of old mcdonald) it was very cute. a ton of our friends were there and the kids had a ball. We’ll be back next wednesday, for sure

I really have to buckle down and start sewing for the holidays. I have Dorothy and Brandon’s quilts to bind, and I’d like to make lunch totes for all 3 of dorothy’s teachers, plus 2 mei tai’s for 2 friends. One of those is WAY overdue. after my shower, I’m taking the machine out and hopefully finishing one of the quilts this afternoon.

gotta run!

Kissy face

We always kiss goodnight
But since the crib tents arrived I make a bigger deal of it
After all,
I am sealing them into the cribs for the night
So there are lots and lots of kisses before going in
After the zippers have been
I love it when after the lights have been turned off and I’m
Leaving the room
I exit to the sounds of the boys blowing
Me kisses

Wish me luck

Tomorrow I’m keeping Dorothy home
She ran a fever this afternoon

I’ll live blog. If I can