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My little big man

Reid wakes up by 6:15 am almost every morning and today was no different. He was at my bedside at 6:00 asking to get in next to me. As usual, my half asleep self allowed him in. He, and adam (a slightly later entry into my bed) stayed there for about 20 minutes before telling me exactly how hungry they were.
After breakfast, and a trip to the farmers market, and lunch, and playing in the backyard all afternoon, we went out to dinner, and to the gelato place that Adam and Reid had been begging us for all day, Reid lost it in the car on the way home.
The boy had been awake for about 14 hours
He finished his night with a glass of chocolate milk and more crying
I brushed his teeth while he sobbed and took him to sit in the rocking chair in the semi-darkness of the living room.
He fell asleep before too long, with one hand down his pants. My little big man


the excitement of having boys

this morning, we were going to meet the ‘pool fence guy’ at the house. we need to fence off the seawall so the kids don’t dive off the edge. the guy was late and the boys were horsing around…as usual. I had them in their backpack leashes that I often use when I’m alone with them and don’t want to put them in the stroller. Well, they got tangled up and Adam fell down. And then he didn’t want to put his right foot on the ground. And, oh, he was crying. a lot. He was obviously in pain.

so, I swooped him up and put him in the car and off we went to daddy’s office. And then to the orthopedic surgeon. the PA diagnosed it before we took any x-rays, he said it was tender and swollen, and most likely a toddler fracture. David and I were able to go in and hold him during the x-ray. a few minutes later we saw the x-rays and were getting him a cast. Its blue.

here he is after the whole experience,photo


today is Adam and Reid’s 2nd birthday. I can hardly believe that these two little babies
I think adam is on the left

have grown into these two little boys


(adam is the top photo)

they are such great boys. This week I got a glimpse of how good they are. Dorothy was home sick. She was vomiting, feverish and listless. Adam came over to her chair where she had been curled up all morning and put an extra blanket on her, rubbed her back and blew her kisses. Reid also came and added his kisses to the mix.

they can be mischevious, and they surely like to get into trouble. but they like to give (and receive) kisses. they like to be the center of attention, but also seem to know when they need to take a back seat and entertain themselves if something important is going on.

of course, we had cupcakes tonight to celebrate. I found a few leftover from dorothy’s birthday, so all we needed to do was make frosting today.
here’s Reid enjoying his:

and Adam

Dorothy had to help make the cupcakes, and she helped decorate with sprinkles. She likes to put sprinkles on everything
and here’s her birthday card

the best thing is that they love each other very much

Honey, we broke the baby

We had our first major accident last night. While I was out with dorothy at swim lessons, david fed the boys dinner and then let them play in the front yard. Moments before we came home, reid fell down and split his lip, from his lip to his nose. Pretty deep.

So I get home, and david says to me, “we have a problem.” He’s got Reid on the kitchen table covered in paper towels trying to stop the bleeding. He wanted me to go with him to the office to stitch up Reid’s face. But there was no way that would work. So we called our friends Jen and Fred, he’s a cardiologist, and they have twins as well. David picked up Fred along the way and off they went. I bathed Dorothy and Adam, got Adam into bed, and read Dorothy her stories. All the while wondering how David and Reid were doing. 

I think David and I feel worse than reid. Poor david feels so guilty, and then feels even worse about having to hurt him more with the stitches. But he did a super job, and Reid isn’t bothered by the injury at all. He’s talking and eating and drinking…and running around. Just like he was yesterday.

so much to say

in the last few days I’ve composed no fewer than 6 entries in my head. Then didn’t have a chance to write, and here I am, days later, with lots to say.

1) it appears that I have given everyone the wrong impression of life with 3 small children. I unknowingly gave my friends the idea that it is all roses, and we are having an easy time…all the time. This could not be farther from the truth. Today, for example, was spent with reid either resting on my chest, or sleeping, on my chest, or crying that I put him down. They had their 1 year immunizations yesterday, and it hasn’t been easy. Thankfully Adam was happy to play on his own for most of the day. But in the beginning, it was impossible to leave the house between nursing and pumping, and there were lots of days that I totally resented Adam and Reid, felt that I didn’t know them or know what to do with them, and I was exhausted all the time (okay, that one hasn’t changed much). But one year out, we still have our rough days, dorothy gets jealous, and its never easy. There. I said it.

2) My brother, Matt, Erin and their son Brandon came to visit last weekend. The house was full, loud and messy–what with 4 children running around. But it was great. Brandon and Dorothy LOVED eachother, they might be making plans to see eachother again behind our backs. I’ll post pictures soon. I promise

3) People, its cold here. the heat has been on all day.

the right people

I’ve been composing this post in my head all day, and finally have 5 minutes to sit down and write it.

Today we celebrated Adam and Reid’s birthday at the park with lots of moms and kids from my mothers’ group. We shared the occassion with another family whose daughter’s birthday is December 24. I brought coffee and cupcakes and she brought cookies, fruit and drinks for the kids. The weather was perfect. Sunny and just warm enough.

but better than the weather was the company. These are women who stood by my and my family’s side during my challenging pregnancy. They visited me here at home and the hospital, brought their kids over to play with dorothy, cooked for us, bought a ton of diapers for the babies, and celebrated with us at the bris.

Since then, they haven’t hesitated to lend a hand when I’m out with the boys. And there are times that I clearly need help. Weather its helping to give one of the boys a bottle, or bouncing one on their knee,  or helping me to carry my load. I’m never afraid to ask….and they don’t hesitate to offer.

From the moment we found out that I was having twins, these women have been there for me, and every day I am thankful that I fell in with this group of really wonderful, beautiful, inspirational women.

the countown is on

cupcakes are in the oven
tomorrow they will be 1
so crazy