About us

Welcome to my blog.

This is my place to write about my adventures with Dorothy, our 6 year old daughter, and our identical twin boys, Adam and Reid, now 4 years old

I hope you enjoy reading this as much as I enjoy writing it.



4 responses to “About us

  1. Hey I stummbled upon your blog, I am also a mother of twins, I was on bed rest for 11 weeks. I was a stay at home mom and a foster parent! it was hard to stop but this is the most important job you have! Good luck! my twins are 7 and my oldest is 9years! 🙂 Hallie

  2. hello Amy, this is rachel, I tried to send this to your E mail but it failed, so here it is (sorry to send it here)
    Hi Amy

    Sorry this took so long.

    I have this long list of places in Rome, but it doesn’t seem appropriate
    when you are coming for one day and need some good simple advice.

    I imagine you will be around the center so *cafe sant’eustachio* in piazza
    sant’eustachio is an institution for breakfast or really good Roman coffee.

    *Campo di fiori* has a great market in the mornings (*testaccio market* is
    better, this is our market but it is further away.)

    *cafe della pace* in via della pace for aperitivi

    *Enoteca Corsi* in via del gesu is fantastic for lunch – a little trendy but
    authentic. Only open at lunch.

    *Gino* in viccolo rosini is the real archetypal Roman thing, bit rough and
    ready but wonderful. You need to book, so if you can’t call, drop by at
    lunchtime to see if they have a table at night.

    *Maccheron*i in piazza delle copelle 44 – a bit trendy, but bloody good, we
    – Hide quoted text –
    really like it.

    Icecream at *Giolitti* in Via uffici del vicaro 40 – not to be missed

    I hope this is useful. Happy happy holidays


  3. I’m enjoying your posts. When our first child, a boy, was 19 months old, we had twin boys. So I can imagine how busy your life is. At least you have one daughter. Knitting, sewing, and cross stitching when the kids were sleeping helped keep me sane.

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