big doings at the new house

the kitchen cabinets are basically installed. The crew who installed them has been amazing! They answered all of my stupid questions, like: “is that hole big enough for my oven” answer “No, but it will be when we make it big enough”

here’s a good sample of the kitchen cabinets. please excuse the grainy iphone photo:

They still need to install one more cabinet, and the associated crown molding and drawer pulls, but since it rests on the countertop, it’ll wait until the countertops get installed in about two weeks

The bathroom cabinets were also installed this week:

I think the mirror I bought will fit, but I need to check again.

Appliances were delivered yesterday and will get installed next week. I kissed the big refrigerator box when it was brought into the house! The hood doesn’t have all its parts, so I need to call the appliance store while the boys are napping.

Templates were made for the countertops today, and I’ll go to the granite yard (again) next week to approve the placement of the templates to make sure I agree with the graining of the marble and seam placement.


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