house update

Things have been very busy at the house lately

but first, I need your help. The house has a fireplace. useful, I know…this being florida, and all. but that’s a topic for another day. the fireplace is white, it looks like the bricks are just painted, but during the demolition process we learned that they are not real brick. it is stucco that has been ‘stamped’ to look like real brick. so it must be painted. we’ve repainted it white (for the time being) but I think that as we furnish the house we should do something to it. It’s kinda ugly right now. What would you do to it? maybe we should tile it? I don’t know. I know we have time to figure it out, but I know I don’t want to leave it like this forever.



Propane was installed last week. VERY EXCITING! I will now be ‘cooking with gas’

And the kids bathroom got tiled too. It is finished, and I thought I had a picture of it all done, but I guess not. on the sides we did white 4×4 tiles with a tile replaced occasionally with the glass mosaic. it looks GREAT.

And dorothy has a VERY pink room. Suffice it to say, she is very excited about her pink room

The terrazzo floors were refinished last week. They came out great. we knew that all the stains wouldn’t come up, but more came up than we were expecting. they are shiny and smooth now.Ceiling fans (that were selected by David) went in yesterday, as did new windows on the front of the house. What a difference they make.  Even David, who is somewhat opposed to ‘new’ windows, had to admit that it made the house look great. I just made an appointment to have templates made for the countertops. we chose vermont danby marble for the kitchen (I can’t remember if we went with montclair or mountain white) and tea leaf silestone for the kids bathroom

Next week: the kitchen gets delivered and installed on tuesday and wednesday. Appliances get delivered on thursday. templates get made on friday. We plan on moving in July 4th weekend.


4 responses to “house update

  1. I can’t believe how quickly you will be moving in. You have the greatest contractors in the history of man!

    For the fireplace maybe you can think outside the box of tile vs brick. maybe there is some sort of reclaimed material you can use? stone? concrete? we lived somewhere once with stained concrete floors and it looked awesome…

  2. The house is looking GREAT! You must be so excited. On the fireplace, I think it depends on what your overall decor/style is. Tile is always great but if you have a very modern style another nice route that I’ve seen done is metal – there was a fireplace that I saw that was basically a sheet of copper….it was stunning, I’ll see if I can find pics of it.

  3. Wow….it’s looking fabulous! For the fireplace, like Kelly said it really does depend on what your style is for that room. I like her idea of metal for modern – a lot of houses we’ve been looking at have that and it looks really nice. Other options could be river rock (though I don’t think of that as your style), slate, or if you wanted to bring in the marble from the kitchen you could use marble tiles.

  4. If I had a nickel for each time I came to! Amazing post.

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