the excitement of having boys

this morning, we were going to meet the ‘pool fence guy’ at the house. we need to fence off the seawall so the kids don’t dive off the edge. the guy was late and the boys were horsing around…as usual. I had them in their backpack leashes that I often use when I’m alone with them and don’t want to put them in the stroller. Well, they got tangled up and Adam fell down. And then he didn’t want to put his right foot on the ground. And, oh, he was crying. a lot. He was obviously in pain.

so, I swooped him up and put him in the car and off we went to daddy’s office. And then to the orthopedic surgeon. the PA diagnosed it before we took any x-rays, he said it was tender and swollen, and most likely a toddler fracture. David and I were able to go in and hold him during the x-ray. a few minutes later we saw the x-rays and were getting him a cast. Its blue.

here he is after the whole experience,photo

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