Renovation update

Things are buzzing along at the house quite nicely. They knocked out the kitchen and the false brick wall

and are now putting things back together
Propane gets ‘roughed’ in on tuesday (very, very exciting)
floors get refinished next week
here is a sample of what they should look like when they are done….inside the lighter box.

and I got a call last week that the kitchen cabinets will be ready to be installed at the end of this month.

its all VERY exciting!

I finally downloaded pictures from our trip to NJ in april and lots of other recent pictures, so stay tuned for some more frequent posts.


One response to “Renovation update

  1. Holly Collins

    I wondered how you’re project was coming along, this is a cool blog. The PINK is shocking! Makes you wonder who used to live there. I actually do have pink in my dressing room – but it seems to work for me. I’m sure it would look weird if all my stuff was gone! Good luck! I started listening to my italian cd this weekend:)

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