The Times They are a Changin’

David has always wanted to live on the water. This should come as no real surprise, he grew up on the water, grew up sailing, and loves a good eyeful of open water. We’ve looked at lots of waterfront properties over the years, but none of them seemed right, or they were perfect, but the timing wasn’t right.

I’ve always wanted a house with a kick ass kitchen. One that has big industrial gas stove, is well laid out and beautiful to behold. This should also come as no surprise, as I cook dinner almost every night and love to bake.

Well, we’re both getting what we want! We are closing on a house on beautiful waterfront property that we will renovate to suit our needs next week.

here’s a few pictures of the inside and outside


That’s tampa bay, right there!

patio II

an enormous covered patio. we’ll be replacing the furniture soon enough and hope to eat lots of meals out there

front of the house

Front, we’ll be replacing the front three windows as one is leaking


The entire house is pink, including the appliances in the kitchen. it is a time capsule from the early 1960’s, I’m sure it was the height of fashion then. Today, not so much. We’ll be ripping it out completely and putting in my dream kitchen.


I’ll be posting more pictures and expect lots of posts as we move forward with this project


3 responses to “The Times They are a Changin’

  1. woo-hooo… nothing gets me as excited as the words “ripping it out completely” and “dream kitchen”! mazel tov!

    • I’m having second thoughts about the refrigerator I picked. I think I need to visit the appliance store again. I think we need to go bigger

  2. Ooooooh!!!!! I can’t wait to see it unfold. This house has so much potential – I love it!

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