today is Adam and Reid’s 2nd birthday. I can hardly believe that these two little babies
I think adam is on the left

have grown into these two little boys


(adam is the top photo)

they are such great boys. This week I got a glimpse of how good they are. Dorothy was home sick. She was vomiting, feverish and listless. Adam came over to her chair where she had been curled up all morning and put an extra blanket on her, rubbed her back and blew her kisses. Reid also came and added his kisses to the mix.

they can be mischevious, and they surely like to get into trouble. but they like to give (and receive) kisses. they like to be the center of attention, but also seem to know when they need to take a back seat and entertain themselves if something important is going on.

of course, we had cupcakes tonight to celebrate. I found a few leftover from dorothy’s birthday, so all we needed to do was make frosting today.
here’s Reid enjoying his:

and Adam

Dorothy had to help make the cupcakes, and she helped decorate with sprinkles. She likes to put sprinkles on everything
and here’s her birthday card

the best thing is that they love each other very much

4 responses to “two

  1. Adorable little ones

  2. I love this post for so many reasons! The boys are so adorable and I can’t believe they’re 2 and I CANNOT wait to finally meet them this year! And I love the fact that Dorothy and they all love each other so much and are so affectionate with each other. I hope someday our 3 are the same. Julia, for the time being, doesn’t really show much love to the twins, but I hope that changes as they get older and she can do more with them.

  3. How adorable are they!!! The grow so fast! 🙂

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