no running

well, today was that 5K that I mentioned. I didn’t make it. couldn’t drag my sorry ass out of bed this morning. Last night I was exhausted and sore and coughing. this morning more of the same, so when david told me it was 6:45 (we needed to leave by 7) and did I want to do the run, I said no, and rolled over for 45 more minutes of blissful sleep

but then by 10 am, I was fine. so totally strange. what is up with me?

I got my hair colored today. thank goodness. I had about 2 inches of roots. and boy do I mean roots. I have a LOT Of grey hair, and its all up front for the world to see.

David took the kids on a bike ride this morning, they went to see the runners, and then to a playground…without shoes. The boys came home so dirty, it was unbelievable. sorry that I did not take pictures of their feet, hands or faces. I’ve never seen anything like it, but I should probably get used to it…they are boys, after all!

hope it doesn’t rain tomorrow so I can get a workout in.


One response to “no running

  1. I wouldn’t feel guilty at all about rollling over and falling back asleep, especially if you are fighting a cold. BTW I like your blog header! Very creative.

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