what a night/day

last night david went for a LOOOOOONG run, about 12 miles, cooled down, showered off, and sat down to get into bed, and boom….the beeper goes off….He had to go in and repair someone’s ruptured eye, and then before he was done in the operating room, he got another page, and another ruptured eye to repair.

so I let him sleep a little. He stayed in bed until it was just too noisy, and then I took all the kids with me to strollerfit. Came home, dropped off the boys, got dorothy to eat something, and got her changed into her ballet “get up” (as it has come to be known) for dance class.

Home now, david is out seeing another patient at the hospital, and checking on last night’s patients, and all the kids are napping. Maybe going to strollerfit is the thing to do, I make sure that dorothy runs–alot–and with dance class on top of that, she was glazed over in the car on the way home. I’ll be in the shower in a minute.

tomorrow I’m running in a 5K tomorrow morning, and then some friends and I are going to run/walk/have a ball at the Disney Princess Half Marathon in March.  there’s a good chance that we’re crazy!

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