I took the boys to a music class this morning at noisemakers.  its not your average kids music class. its ROCK AND ROLL!!!

we’ve been once before, here’s a picture of reid playing the drums

if its possible, today was more fun, they both got on the seat and played on a full size drum kit, the owner of the music studio, Gabe, played some kids songs, including “old Mick Jagger” (to the tune of old mcdonald) it was very cute. a ton of our friends were there and the kids had a ball. We’ll be back next wednesday, for sure

I really have to buckle down and start sewing for the holidays. I have Dorothy and Brandon’s quilts to bind, and I’d like to make lunch totes for all 3 of dorothy’s teachers, plus 2 mei tai’s for 2 friends. One of those is WAY overdue. after my shower, I’m taking the machine out and hopefully finishing one of the quilts this afternoon.

gotta run!


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