time to start thinking

about thanksgiving: what I know is the fried turkey is a given, unless it rains. So is the carrot souffle, and the cranberries. and the apple pie. We need a green (aka healthy) vegetable.

and all about chanukah: I need to pick a date to make latkes with dorothy’s class. I’m totally nervous about doing latkes in public. I bought an electric skillet special for this (and future such) occassion

and I need to figure out what we are doing about my family’s annual chanukah party. we’re toying with the idea of going up there, but even if we don’t go, I need to figure out what I am buying for all the children. I’m thinking of this: http://www.terracycle.net very cool recycled goodies (I want a pencil holder for myself), or to allow the kids (or their parents) buy something they choose themselves with giftcards.


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