fancy night out

last night was the commodore’s ball at the yacht club. Fancy, black tie (or yacht club formal, if that’s your thing).  Thankfully I have convinced david about the virtues of wearing a tuxedo. Much nicer that the YC formal, in my opinion. I mean, really…what man wears a blue blazer with white pants AND white shoes when his date is wearing a fancy fancy dress!

we sat with some friends, which made for much laughter. especially when it came to discussing what the college kid seated across from me was wearing: a floppy bow tie and a velvet tux. Dolce and Gabbana, apparently. At least he had the floppy hair to pull it all together. He looked good, but it really takes a certain person to wear it.

they always make a big deal of dessert at this thing, and it was good, but not spectacular, in my opinion.

the kids did well with the babysitter, and we had a lot of fun


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