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two weeks ago, david left for the sunfish world championships, and I was alone with the kids for 4 days before I left to meet him…David’s mother, Kathy swooped in and watched them while we were both away.

I was totally nervous about having the kids all to myself for 4 days, especially for the weekend and in the evenings. But we did great.

Saturday, we did strollerfit and the saturday morning market. everyone took good naps, ate dinner, and then fell asleep. easy day.

Sunday, we went to the Hundsader Farms Pumpkin Festival, we went there last spring to go strawberry picking. We had just as good a day this time. I went with very low expectations, thinking, “if we drive 45 minutes there, and 45 minutes back, and spend an hour at the festival, I will have killed the morning.” But no, it was so much better than that. We walked, we looked at classic cars, I had a hot cider, we all had roasted corn on the cob. We bought a pumpkin and then went home. Morning very successfully killed. I smiled from ear to ear with happiness.

Taking the kids to something like that was totally outside my comfort zone. a farm, with 3 kids, and no husband? what????? but I did it! I think I have officially conquored my fear of doing things alone with the kids

and to prove it, here are the pictures
the roasted corn was such a success with the boys, that they fell asleep with the cobs in their hands:
everyone likes roasted corn

dorothy helping me herd adam and reid



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