Where’s the snow?

The last time David and Dorothy were out here in Idaho was February. Dorothy skied for the first time and went ice skating again. She doesn’t exactly understand why there’s no snow now. But luckily Sun Valley has ice all year round–even outside. This year her balance is so much improved over last year and so has her endurance. What used to be a 10 minute expedition turned into an hour long adventure

Not only is she exhausted from all the things we’re doing here, but she’s got killer allergies. Probably to the dust and the pollen. Runny nose, red eyes. The whole thing. I just gave her some benadryl–at least she’s resting. Any suggestions for what I can give her that won’t knock her out?

Here’s a pic of her skating with David this morning


One response to “Where’s the snow?

  1. Zyrtec worked for Campbell without knocking her out, although it did seem to make her crankier than usual. But Benadryl gave her terrible nightmares. I am glad you guys are having fun!!!!

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