Live blogging my day

Dorothy’s home sick today with a cough and a slight fever

9:19 am. The legos are out and the tv is on. Kids are playing quietly

10:54 am. Tv off. Dancing to U2
Burning off energy before lunch

10:58 am. Dorothy did some serious snuggling. She must be under the weather

11:14 am. Making mac and cheese for lunch for the kids. I’ll have an avocado toast for myself. Looking forward to naptime

11:43 am. Reid almost fell asleep in his highchair and so he went in first. Adam ate a little more and quickly followed. Both are sleeping already. Dorothy is negotiating how many more bites she needs to eat. But at least she’s sitting in a highchair, so she can’t get up until I say she can.

12:28 pm. All the kids are sleeping. I can hear dorothy coughing, but that’s it. I took a shower and I’m about to start cutting peices out for my next project. Yippee for naptime!

1:58 pm. Dorothy is sleeping. Adam and Reid are awake. I got the project cut and some of it pinned together. Hoping that dorothy doesn’t pee in bed

2:18 pm. Eating goldfish and playing with the yellow beach ball

4:15 pm. Waiting for daddy. Motorboat noises and some whining. Get the corkscrew ready

5:04 pm. David got home a few minutes ago. All the kids cheered when they heard the keys in the door.


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