I look so much better now. plus weirdness

I cannot even explain how happy I am about the results from my surgery. First of all, it wasn’t nearly as painful as I expected it to be. But more importantly, I am looking so much better. I’m still in clothing that I was wearing before surgery, but they look great on me now, and they’re already getting big. I still have some swelling, but its not noticable to anyone other than me (and david) really. I still have to wear a binder (or spanx) all the time, but that’s not even that bad. it can be sweaty though.

But I’m just so happy about how I look now. I don’t mind seeing a reflection of myself in a window or mirror! yippee!

did you know that many people find my blog because they’re looking for breakstone’s whipped butter? I find that so strange. Last year I wrote a post about how I could not find K for P breakstone”s butter and so many people search for that.  So strange….


One response to “I look so much better now. plus weirdness

  1. I don’t need any butter, just wanted to say I didn’t even get a good look at you at the park today, but I’m sure you do look great! Next time I see you I’ll be sure to really check you out…..All that counts is that you are happy, and sounds like you are!

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