I’ve been a bad blogger

I know its been weeks…months, really. I’m so sorry. I have no excuses. Except for the one that goes something like “I have 3 children” and that one is really so lame.

we’ve had quite a time here.

my brother and his family came to visit in January. My nephew Brandon, and Dorothy became fast friends. It was practically love at first sight. They were here for 4 days, and it was loud and terrific. When they left, the house had an uncomfortable echo for days.

David took Dorothy out to Sun Valley for a few days. They had a ball. She went skiing–sort of–down the teeny tiny incline in front of the lodge. But it didn’t matter, she had a great time. they went sledding, skating, building snowmen. She got to spend some quality time with her daddy away from the babies, which was nice for her. Here it was much too quiet.

My mother was here just last week. We took the kids strawberry picking and it was terrific. The boys caught on immediately, and ate a lot of berries.

Now a change of topic. I’ve blogged a few times about how I can’t stand the way my body looks (okay, just my belly) I work out at least 4 times a week, and things are not improving. The rest of my body looks great! But the belly, not so much. So, I’ve decided to do something about it. Something drastic. I’ll be having a tummy tuck in 2 weeks


One response to “I’ve been a bad blogger

  1. Don’t make me take umbrage, young lady…

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