so much to say

in the last few days I’ve composed no fewer than 6 entries in my head. Then didn’t have a chance to write, and here I am, days later, with lots to say.

1) it appears that I have given everyone the wrong impression of life with 3 small children. I unknowingly gave my friends the idea that it is all roses, and we are having an easy time…all the time. This could not be farther from the truth. Today, for example, was spent with reid either resting on my chest, or sleeping, on my chest, or crying that I put him down. They had their 1 year immunizations yesterday, and it hasn’t been easy. Thankfully Adam was happy to play on his own for most of the day. But in the beginning, it was impossible to leave the house between nursing and pumping, and there were lots of days that I totally resented Adam and Reid, felt that I didn’t know them or know what to do with them, and I was exhausted all the time (okay, that one hasn’t changed much). But one year out, we still have our rough days, dorothy gets jealous, and its never easy. There. I said it.

2) My brother, Matt, Erin and their son Brandon came to visit last weekend. The house was full, loud and messy–what with 4 children running around. But it was great. Brandon and Dorothy LOVED eachother, they might be making plans to see eachother again behind our backs. I’ll post pictures soon. I promise

3) People, its cold here. the heat has been on all day.


2 responses to “so much to say

  1. I totally understand the resentment of the kids. I did that to mine too (and I still do sometimes, shh). It was good for me to see that you feel the same way. I feel like it’s just me and that there is something wrong with me most of the time. It does get better…ok, maybe not much better, but different.

  2. It is never easy to have house guests, so I hope we didn’t leave you with too much of an upside-down house. Brandon had an absolute blast, and Matt and I were so glad we got to see our adorable niece and nephews!

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