in which we try to figure out why our phone is not working

if you’ve been trying to call me at home, you’ve probably been wondering what the heck is wrong with my phone.

about 2 weeks ago, for a few hours, we did not have a dial tone. Then the dial tone came back. Problem solved. or so we thought. The other day I noticed that the phone was only ringing once, which was odd. Then yesterday a friend left a message on my cell phone that my home phone would ring twice and then go dead. And it wasn’t ringing at all on my end.

So a call to verizon was placed. The tech was here for a long time this morning.  He fixed a bunch of wonky things, and when he left, the phone was working.

Then it stopped working. Another call was placed to verizon, and they’re sending someone back out. Hopefully the same tech will come out and try again.

in the meantime. If you are tying to call me, please try the cell.


Last night David and I went to see Cats. The tour was in St Pete for the night, and my inlaws gave us their seats. 1st row, you could practically smell the performers. It almost would have been better to be a few rows back. I think you actually miss something if you sit that close. But, who am I to complain about 1st row seats?

want to learn some cool things about Cats? This is from the playbill:

  • Cats is the longest continuously running touring show in US history
  • Cats has been presented in 26 countries and over 300 cities
  • Cats has been translated into 10 languages
  • Cats had a total economic impact of $3.12 billion on the city of NY.

Wild, huh?

I may be the last person of my generation to see Cats. As a kid, all my friends went, it was a common first broadway play for someone to see. All the people who visited from elsewhere had to see it while they were in NY. I never did. So I’m glad I finally saw it, but I must admit that I didn’t love it.

While the dancing was amazing, and the singing was great too. The story didn’t do much for me.

It feels a little like I’m not supposed to say that out loud!


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