In my grubby little hands

I hold a gift card to get one of these. I am so excited. It is all I can do to sit here and write and not run out (and leave my sleeping children alone in the house) to get one NOW.

David and I still have to work out the ‘new phone logistics.’ which involves me selling him on using my old sprint treo, and hin agreeing to give up his old nokia cell phone. This is necessary because he’s on AT&T and I’m not. So I can take his contract–and he can take mine.

Hopefully we’ll work on that (and I”ll teach him how to work my phone) this weekend, and next week I’ll run out and get my new phone.



One response to “In my grubby little hands

  1. Did you get your new phone yet? I have and iTouch and I love it. My older son has the iPhone and loves his. They are soooo fun. Be sure and get a full body skin for it. Try

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