birthday summary

here it is, the blow by blow of Adam and Reid’s big day.

We woke up, ate breakfast, took our morning naps:
adam during his birthday nap

reid after his brithday nap

ate lunch (grilled cheese)
adam (l) and Reid at lunch at their birthday

got upset that there was a toy stuck under the couch
adam lost a toy back there and was NOT happy

sang happy birthday
happy birthday to adam
happy birthday to reid

Adam ate some cake
adam eating birthday cake
he was much happier about it than he seems in the picture

played with our friends
Kaia going after a cupcake

ate dinner
and then took a bath

all are sleeping now.

but can we just review for a second where we were this time last year?

in the incubator

and now I have 2 beautiful boys who are into everything, are about to start walking and will be eating us out of house and home soon enough. I can hardly belive how quickly the year has gone.

Happy birthday boys. I can hardly wait for what you’re going to do next.


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