From there to here

Finally, I’m going to put up pictures of the bathroom. And tell the story. Here we go:

first we noticed some mold coming through the wall. We never took a picture of that, but picture in your mind: mold, on a wall. There, you don’t need a picture of it.

okay, so Dave Sharp (the contractor came in and took a look around inside the wall, and we discovered that the pipes were dry, so the only option left was leaky shower pan and to rip the whole thing out. Here’s the hole in the wall:
where the trouble started

and we lived like this for a while. We stopped using the shower at this point. Smart, huh?

and a few weeks later, he came back and started to destroy things
In this picture we learned that the wood under the tiles (under the shower door) was soaking wet:
the curb was FULL of water
like those floor tiles? we did too. We don’t have them anymore.

After he ripped out the tile floor and the bench and 4 rows of wall tiles, he started looking at the drain:
a completely incorrect drain.
we discovered that it was not right AT ALL. in fact we were not even sure if it was vented to the outside. (which would mean that we might have been poisoning ourselves with bad gasses all this time) It turns out that it was vented. Which was nice to hear, since that would have been EVEN MORE EXPENSIVE to repair. But I had a huge gaping hole in my shower floor now.

here’s a closeup of the hole in the floor:

Then he moved the drain to the center of the floor and filled in the big huge hole with concrete.

After properly sandwiching a layer of vinyl in between two layers of concrete the tiles went in. This was a very happy day.

like the new rocks? we do too.

then it got grouted, repainted and the shower doors went in. And then we started using it again.

there you have it!


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