sorry about the snow, people.

not to gloat or anything, but its cold here today. about 65. this morning it was really cold. in the 40s. I bundled the boys up for strollerfit, shoes, socks, long pants, warm shirts, sweatshirts (with hoods on) and blankets for the stroller.  And it was WINDY this morning. That just made the cold feel even colder

I know its much colder in other places. with snow and everything.

I’m just saying its all relative. its cold here, but the sun is shining and the sky is bright blue.

Tomorrow it will probably be 80 again.

(but in the summer, I’ll be wishing I was you)


2 responses to “sorry about the snow, people.

  1. Ok, thanks for rubbing it in.

  2. is it mean if I hope that you’re REALLY sore tomorrow? 🙂 Hey, the snow isn’t all bad…it’s a great excuse to buy more boots!

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