back at it

today was my first day back at strollerfit. it wasn’t too bad. Adam and Reid fell asleep during the short drive over, and then were all loopy-eyed for the whole class. They didn’t cry, they whimpered a bit, but never cried. I almost cried during the abs portion of class, but that’s another subject. I’ll head back on monday for more torture. I need a new jogging stroller. Anyone want to contribute to the stroller fund?

after class we walked over to the saturday morning market so we could stock up on things like oranges (love fresh OJ in winter in Florida)

then we ran into our friends Jen and Fred and their girls Sophia and Kaia. And we all had lunch together at the YC. Next week we’ll eat at the market. I think it will be much easier. AND MUCH FASTER.

Then we came home. Dorothy is napping, and David and I are going out to dinner. yippee!


One response to “back at it

  1. Glad it went well. I cry during the ab portions of 30 day shred, so I imagine I’d nearly cry at Stroller Fit too.

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