going postal

I swear, I’m going to hurt the next person who asks me if I’m pregnant.
my standard answer is to say that I’m not pregnant, just fat. I don’t say it angrily or embarassed, just matter of fact. Without fail, the person who asked me is MORTIFIED. like she was tonight at publix.
friends have suggested that I change my answer, that I should say that it’s a tumor.
I know the people who ask me will probably never ask another woman if she’s pregnant, and that’s good. I just wish I wasn’t the one to be teaching the world this lesson. its not doing much for my body image or self esteem.

more crunches for me tomorrow

2 responses to “going postal

  1. People are so rude!!! I say kick it up a notch. Tell people “Not anymore, I just had a miscarriage yesterday.” That would really teach ’em!

  2. Seriously? What is wrong with people? Unfortunately, I have had my share of people ask me that. It was a lot harder to answer them when I was dealing with infertility. I wanted to kick teeth in. Now I’m just embarrassed…not only for me, but for them.

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