I love your birthday

That’s what dorothy told me when she left the house this morning. It was hysterical.

Its so strange, every holiday or event since October has been a recollection for me of “remember where we were this time last year” and so I’m back there again.

Last year I was about 6 weeks into my stay at hotel Bayfront, getting completely depressed about my situation. I was tired of being away from my family. My day was completely cheered by a suprise manicure and pedicure sent by my mother, and by an amazing suprise party that david planned. Amazingly, it turned into one of my best birthdays yet.

The other day David told me that his parents couldn’t watch the kids tonight, but they’d come over on Saturday night so we could go out. I was like, what for? He had to remind me that my birthday was today! Thats how out of it I am!

I’ve started working out. I was just SO SICK of people asking if I’m pregnant that I finally decided to do something about it. I’m doing the 30 day shred and I’m amazed that a 20 minute workout can kick my ass like that. I’m only on level 1 (of 3) and it is HARD. I started on monday morning, and I’ve done it every day but one since then (I was too sore to move). I hope to be able to see results soon.


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