go check out this (other) blog

no, I haven’t started (another) new blog. I could never be cool or hip enough to pull this one off. So, there’s this woman, Gabrielle, in NY, I think. She writes a very cool blog, design mom. She has some great contests–which I’ve never won, but I keep entering in the hopes that I’ll win some great swag some day.

back on the renovation front. The tiles went in yesterday, and they look great. He’s grouting as I’m writing. The river rock looks especially great. I’m so happy! Also, I returned all the remaining tile from the mis-matched dye lot, and Dave was able to return all the glass tile for me. The tile place didn’t even charge me their usual 20% restocking fee. (because they gave me such a run-around,) and I was so fed up by the end of it, I’m not ever going back there, or reccomending my friends to go there. Which is really a pity, because they do have such beautiful things.


2 responses to “go check out this (other) blog

  1. Which tile place was it?

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