tiling crisis averted

my contractor picked up the tiles yesterday and this morning he came out of my bathroom and said, “Amy, we have a problem.”

Turns out, the problem was that the new tiles were a different dye lot than the old tiles. (duh, I really should have anticpated this.) It was really awful. So off we went to the Home Depot to find some kind of border tile to break up the difference between the old and new tiles.

$250 later we walked out with a bag of green glass tiles that suited our needs quite well. I was, however, NOT PLEASED about the idea of 3 different kinds of decorative tile in one small shower.

I went home because I needed to grab something for the boys before our playdate. On my way back out of the garage I saw BOXES of tiles from when the bathroom was originally done 4 years ago. Quickly I called Dave Sharp, the hero of the day.

When he got back to the house he looked at the boxes and we had plenty of the old tile to cover the job.

So….we get to return the tile to home depot. We get to return 20 sq ft + bullnose to the tile store, and I get one wall that matches!


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