first, I must brag about dorothy. Today she spelled her last name. All 11 letters of it. over and over again. I could hardly contain myself. She spelled it again on the phone to her Nona, who heard her loud and clear. What a smart daughter I have.

Second. I must brag about my upcoming weekend. David and I are leaving today and jetting off to Key West. We have a wedding there. but mostly I’m excited to be missing the drive, or the boat ride–we’re taking a plane. And while I do LOVE MY CHILDREN VERY MUCH, David and I need some time to reconnect and be alone with eachother. I’m also excited that I’ll be able to see my friend Lynn and her daughters Skylar and Zoe. They moved away from St Petersburg almost a year ago. It was when Adam and Reid were tiny, and I didn’t get to say goodbye.  So I’m psyched to see them this weekend too.

My parents, AKA: Nona and Papu, are filling in this weekend, and they can’t wait to have uninterrupted time with the kids. Wish them luck!

Good news: my previous contractor didn’t screw us quite as badly as he could have. it turns out that the shower drain was in fact vented to the roof. So we haven’t been posining ourselves slowly with methane fumes all these years. 🙂


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