this has ‘bad’ written ALL OVER IT

about 5 years ago we re-did both the bathrooms in this house. When we moved in, the master bath was a powder blue and pepto-bismol pink explosion, and the guest bath was harvest gold. To say that the contractor who did the work was shoddy would be to grossly understate the case.

We’ve known that there was a leak in our bathroom for a while. Not a huge leak, it was never big enough to even make the floor damp. But it was a leak. We thought we had the problem licked when our handy man caulked the space between the wall and the shower door.

We. Were. Wrong.

A few weeks ago mold came through the paint just above the molding right outside the shower. I knew we were in trouble. David tried to fix the problem (in his own way) by spraying tinactin on it. Thinking, well, mold is a fungus, this is a fungicide, it should help things. Well. Not exactly.

Today my very handy, handy man, came back. He opened up the wall behind the shower to find that my pipes ARE NOT LEAKING, but that the wood is SOAKED and moldy and it appears to be coming from the shower floor.

people. My shower pan is leaking. MY SHOWER PAN IS LEAKING.

do you know how you fix it? yes, thats right, you rip out the shower and replace it.

rip it out and replace it. That is the only way to solve my problem.

We have to decide if we’re going to rip out the entire thing–floor to ceiling, or just rip out the floor and about a foot of the wall.

What is this job going to cost us? oh, only about two to three thousand dollars.

Hold me.


One response to “this has ‘bad’ written ALL OVER IT

  1. ugggg…….sorry to hear this. I’ll see what kind of eye diseases I can scrounge up.

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