What to eat

I’m having a bit of a quandry. Its only the 4 of us (me, David, Frank and Kathy–my inlaws) plus the kids for thanksgiving. Do I take the easy way out and just make a roast chicken? Or roast a turkey breast?

I’d have to go out and buy the turkey, we already have the chicken…so that would be a lot easier. We’d have less leftovers with chicken. But I’m really grooving on the idea of turkey, especially since I missed out last year. Plus if we go with chicken, it will make some space in the freezer, which would be REALLY nice. But I really want turkey…

(even if we go with chicken, we’re still doing the rest of the meal as traditional thanksgiving…stuffing, brussel sprouts, carrot souffle and some variety of apple dessert-tbd)

Help me decide…PLEASE!


One response to “What to eat

  1. A cooked chicken doesn’t smell quite the same as a turkey. Get the smallest turkey you can, provided it’s not too much more than 10 lbs.

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