a sea of pink

I went out today to hit old navy, and got lucky. Everything I bought was on sale. in my world, that’s practically unheard of. I bought a bunch of long sleeve tops and a pair of khakis for myself, and enough ‘winter’ clothing for Adam Reid and Dorothy that I think I’m done buying them clothing for the season (I hope….we’ll see)

I knew that the Breast Cancer 3 Day was walking through my neighborhood, since I recognized the signs they post on the route, but I was totally taken by suprise by the numbers of women (and more than a few men) walking down the street. I did the event in 2001 and then again in 2002 with my mother, but since then–life has gotten in the way. Next year, I’m totally doing it. A bunch of my friends and I are already talking about it. Not only is it a great, inspiring, and amazing event. But it will ensure that I keep walking. I was driving down the street and honking at everyone. When I was driving slow enough I started talking to the walkers and telling them how great they were doing, and that they were really close to the finish. well under 5 miles to go at that point. you could see how happy they were to get that news. 60 miles is a LOT of walking.

on a different topic, I’d like to start a letter writing campaign to congress. To stop the change of time from Daylight Savings to Standard Time and back again. Don’t they know the havoc they send to families with young children? We were up promptly with Adam and Reid at 5:10 am today, and they’ll probably start wanting to go to bed at 6:00 tonight. We’ll have to keep them up, or it’ll be another 5 am wake up call for us tomorrow.

Who’s with me? write your congressman and let them know how sleep deprived you are!


One response to “a sea of pink

  1. I’m just now catching up on my blogs. You are SO right! It’s awful trying to get the kids schedules changed. You look GORGEOUS!

    I’m thinking about doing the 3 day next year also. Just don’t know where yet.

    I’d love those diapers if you still have them! I was just going to order more since Donavyn is now big enough for the M’s.

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