she’s so good at being three

it is 9:01 am, and I’m ready for a drink.

Dorothy just left for school and I am worn out. From the moment she woke up, she was a tyrant this morning. I practically had to wrestle her to do her hair. Getting her dressed was a challenge. I had to hold her on my lap and feed her the few spoonfuls of oatmeal that she allowed into her mouth. She took all the magnets off the fridge and then brazenly refused to put them back on. I ended up taking them away.

My mother in law comes every morning to pick her up and take her to school, but she doesn’t get to our house until 8:30 or 8:45, by then we’ve had about 2 hours of dorothy’s antics, and she’s been ready for school for at least 45 minutes. I either have to ask her to come earlier, or take Dorothy to school myself.

Is 3 just the terrible 2’s on steroids?


2 responses to “she’s so good at being three

  1. Sounds like my morning.

    And yes, I think it is just steroids…just wait until she turns four! 😉


  2. Three is definitely the worst with girls. I’ve always heard evens are bad for boys and odds are bad for girls. And with one of each, I can say that we haven’t had them going through the same stage at the same time…

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