what a year

this week last year I was put on bedrest, and we had no idea what was ahead of us. It was a long haul, but we made it out the other end okay. Looking back on it now, it almost seems like it never happened.

but it did, and now I’m the one giving advice on bedrest. A friend was just admitted to Chez Bayfront in preterm labor. She’s much farther along than I was, but still..her baby needs to stay in for at least 4 more weeks, and longer-if at all possible. I think of her constantly, I know exactly what she’s going through and how hard it is for her family.

Back here, things are good. Adam AND Reid are crawling. Reid is now pulling himself up-he caught up to Adam very quickly, and is so much happier for it.

Dorothy turned 3 on ‘September eightemps” we had a small but lovely birthday party for her and a few friends. I made chocolate cupcakes with pink icing, as she requested, but she had no itention of eating them. She licked some icing, but that was it.

We’re all getting over having a terrible cold. the boys and I are still coughing, and david might have a sinus infection…Dorothy is back to her healthy-self.


One response to “what a year

  1. Welcome back. Seems the cold thing is going around. Careful too of some stomach virus floating around. 4 out of 5 of us have had terrible diareah with fever the past week. Doc says they’re seeing a lot of it. Frequent hand washing is best defense!

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