Are you pregnant? a rant.

This weekend while without my children, I was asked twice if I am pregnant. once by a stranger in the airport, and once by my friends future mother-in-law “you have such a cute belly”.

NO I am not pregnant. I had twins 8 months ago, and I have not started working out yet, and my muscles have not been worked and have not been tightened, and I look like I am pregnant, but I am just fat.

there. I am heavier than I have ever been (outside of being pregnant) and a lot of my clothing doesn’t fit, and I am not happy about it.

but still. you just don’t ask someone if they are pregnant. you just don’t do it. maybe she’s trying, and is having trouble, and can’t get pregnant. maybe she just lost her baby. maybe she’s just fat.  When I was 10 weeks pregnant with the twins, someone congratulated me on my pregnancy. not in my ear, but out loud, in a large group of people at a party. I denied it. told her I didn’t know where she would have heard such a thing. Because some people don’t tell until they’re beyond 12 weeks. She was embarrased. GOOD. she should have been.

All that said, I am starting today. I am cutting calories. I will be hungry. I will be munching on carrot sticks.

When it gets cooler out, I will put the boys in the stoller and we will walk. a lot.

but in the meantime. Don’t ask me if I’m pregnant.


4 responses to “Are you pregnant? a rant.

  1. Anyone with any sense of social grace knows better than to ask that. Shame on them! And you are not fat, you don’t even know fat. Fat is a stranger to you. Your tummy is stretched out because it had 2 babies inside!!!! It will take some doing to undo that stretching. Take it slow and easy and don’t stress about it! You are beautiful inside and out….

  2. My 5 year old still asks me why my tummy is still fat if his brothers aren’t in their any more. I’d never ask a woman if she was pregnant unless she was more than obviously so. As you start your diet and excercise regimen, becareful that you don’t have Diastasis Recti (google it). It’s common after twin pregnancies. Special excercise is needed as some abdomonal excercises can make it worse. Take it easy!

  3. FAT you’re not fat. The Sternthal side of the family as far as I know do not have any fat genes in them. So, exercise, eat well, get plenty of rest (????) and your skinny genes will get you into your skinny jeans.

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