a bittersweet ending

yesterday I decided that I was done nursing Adam and Reid. Somehow, together, they decided that they didn’t want to nurse anymore.

Maybe they were too distracted by what was going on around them? Maybe their little gums hurt too much from their teeth trying to break through? I don’t know. But the wrestling match and biting festival that had overtaken our twice-daily nursing sessions was really starting to wear on me. They didn’t nurse yesterday, and barely nursed the day before. I can’t even say that I remember the last time either of them really nursed for a full feeding. Probably that’s a good thing.

I had hoped to nurse them longer. But when I really think about it, I should be happy that I was able to nurse them at all. Our beginning was so rocky–they were so small, and I had to pump for a month until they were strong enough to nurse effectively. Most women with multiples throw in the towel much earlier than me.

We went from being not big enough to nurse, to only nursing and no bottles, and then finally getting them to take a bottle, and the slow and sometimes painful process to wean them down so I could get some energy back. Now I just have to survive the drying up the milk completely. I hope to get through this without any mastitis or plugged ducts.

I just have to keep reminding myself that I gave them a great start with my milk, and move on to a new step in our relationshp.


2 responses to “a bittersweet ending

  1. awww……kudos to you for surviving this long with 2 calves on your udders!

  2. It is a lot of work nursing two. I’ve now begun the weaning process after 13 months. You did good. You gave those boys a great great healthy start. Most moms of singletons don’t even stick it out as long as you have. You should be proud of yourself! Try not to go cold turkey though.. it should be gradual so that you don’t end up with ill “udders.”

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