picture pages, picture pages

I know I said I’d post pictures from Idaho, and we’ve already been home for a month. Here’s a selection:
On the tiny plane from Salt Lake City to Sun Valley. It was an exhausting trip. Can you tell?
on the plane from salt lake to sun valley

Me and dorothy at the hot springs:
self-ish portrait

a picture of the hot spring, still water is hot, white water is COLD!
the still water is the hot spring

we had ‘dog on your head day.’ this is adam:
Dog on Adam's head!

family picture at grumpy’s (a classic Ketchum institution)
family shot!

Here are 2 recent videos that make me smile each time I watch them
Adam has been crawling around for a while already, he started doing it while we were still in Sun Valley. Reid was happy just rolling around, but now wants to be mobile and is getting there quickly, but on friday afternoon he was POd that he couldn’t get where he wanted to go while Adam was exploring our room:

Reid is telling me that he wants more to eat! I’m happy to oblige:


2 responses to “picture pages, picture pages

  1. I love it how babies that age have ADD! Reid totally gets distracted by some invisible object on his high chair head rest while you’re feeding him. “What IS that?????”

  2. Cute! Very cute! They are getting sooo big! My boys crawled within days of each other.. so watch out, you’ll have both mobile before you know it!!

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