as of today there are hurricane watches up to manatee county (just south of us) and the storm is just south of Cuba, the maps show that it could get here by tuesday evening/wednesday morning, and they don’t know how strong it will be yet. So, I’m making my list of stuff to take with us

passports and birth certificates
diapers and formula and breast milk from the freezer (its like frozen gold)
wedding album
inflatable mattress and sheets
zip drives that pictures are stored on
pack and play
toys, crayons and paper and knitting for me
portable dvd player and movies for dorothy
baby food and bottles
keys to the saftey deposit box
pillows and blankets for the floor for playing and/or sleeping

is it enough? not enough? am I missing something really important? please! tell me! I don’t want to be taking EVERYTHING, but I need to keep the kids occupied and happy.

although, as david has reminded me: nothing beyond Dorothy, Adam and Reid really matters


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