home. and basically back to normal life

what an adventure. This was our first family trip as a family of 5. We used to travel all the time with dorothy. Traveling with 3 kids is an entirely different ball-of-wax than traveling with one child. I was so totally stressed out about this trip for weeks before we left. Every now and then David or I would say, “do you think we should go?” or “maybe we should just cancel the trip and drive somewhere” But we didn’t. We got on the plane last friday and arrived in Sun Valley that night. We came home on Sunday after a full day of traveling.

This is what we learned:
1) getting through security with 3 children is no easy task
2) a DVD player on the plane is absolutely essential to toddler happiness
3) we need to find someplace much more local to vacation in.
4) it wasn’t all bad

Seriously. Security was one of the most stressful experiences of my entire life. David forgot to take off his belt, and then he forgot to empty his pockets, so he had to keep going back and forth through the metal detector. Of course, Dorothy had already gone through and she was freaking out about David getting ‘stuck.’ I was still on the ohter side getting the boys ready to go through. don’t ask.

But, there was fun. One night we were walking to a park to hear some live music, and we stumbled upon a bar, Grumpys. Its a Ketchum institution. They had a great band, so we stayed for the music there. We found ourselves a few seats on the patio, David got a beer for us to share. Dorothy danced, it was a great night. On the walk to the car I told David that I had already had more fun than I was expecting to have on this trip. I couldn’t stop smiling.

The Sun Valley Figure Skating Club held their summer competition while we were in town. So we took dorothy to the rink one afternoon to watch. She was totally hooked. We took her out skating the next day, and back to watch every day after that until we left town. Dorothy’s newest motto is, “get up and skate.” Which is what you have to do if you fall down. Every time she hears music now she has to ‘skate’ which means dancing around, spinning and putting a leg in the air. Just like the skaters.

Almost every day we went for a ‘hike.’ We walked around our neighborhood or got in the car and walked near the river. Dorothy walked, rode in the stroller or in the backpack.

We visited the hot springs near Ketchum. Its a longish drive out a dirt road that weaves in and out of some of the area burned in last summer’s forest fire in the area. I couldn’t believe the damage to the hillsides. Dorothy kept asking to ‘see the burned’ We all put our feet in the hot spring.

David participated in the Elephant Perch’s annual back country run. this was his 3rd time doing the run, and the 2nd time that he finished the entire 16 mile course.

Hopefully I’ll find a few minutes to download pictures today or tomorrow. I promise to post them when I do!


2 responses to “home. and basically back to normal life

  1. Not too often do I belly laugh, especially in my office, but you guys did it to me today the the description of going through security. Read what you wrote, I’ll bet even you will laugh. Like childbirth, you are likely to forget the stress of security and travel again. It sounds like you mostly had fun. Love Mom

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