6 months, 5000 visitors. WOW!

Yesterday the boys turned 6 months old. The time has literally flown by. They’re rolling, and rolling and rolling. They’re starting to sit up. Adam weighs over 15 lbs and Reid is over 14 lbs. Can you believe that? They’re huge! they giggle like mad, and are just delicious little snugglers. We stopped swaddling them recently and now they sleep on their tummies and look so big when I go in and check on them.

They’re too active for the bouncy seat and swing, so we’re starting to unload some of the ‘baby equipment.’ This makes me soooooo happy, because I can’t stand to have all that stuff around.

I picked up a 2nd high chair last week, and this weekend we will start to feed them solids. eek!

They’re taking several bottles a day now, which is really great. I can already feel my energy starting to come back. I’d like to end up keeping the ‘bedtime’ nurse-ing for a while longer, but that shouldn’t take too much out of me–energy wise. but wow, that formula is expensive!

I’m knitting a little silk scarf for myself, hopefully it will be finished by julie’s wedding on Labor Day weekend. and I’m thinking of taking a few sewing classes. there is a beautiful fabric store here in St. Petersburg. I went in yesterday and was just blown away by the beautiful fabric. In the last few years, several of my friends have started sewing, and I’ve seen some really amazing quilts. I would LOVE to quilt, someday. I could sew a straight line, right? How hard could that be?

One response to “6 months, 5000 visitors. WOW!

  1. My boys are almost one year and I’m still using my bouncy seats. I can’t imagine life without them. LOL I’m also doing breast and bottle. And the sticker shock on formula is overwhelming isn’t it? But I’ll let you in on a little secret. The store brand formulas are just the same as the major brands. All formulas sold in the U.S. must be manufactured and meet nutritional requirments set by the US Food and Drug Administration. I buy the Meijer brand. It’s almost half the price and the nutritional ingredients are exactly the same! When you’re feeding two mouths, every penny saved is huge!

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