She puped (and lots of other stuff too)

We’ve had a busy few weeks around here.

We had our first real throw-up. It was on our anniversary. Dorothy took a nap and woke up screaming. I ran in to find her saying, “I made a mess” and I looked all around her room and coudn’t find the mess. Until I looked at her bed, she had thrown up her entire lunch (mac and cheese and grapes) over her bed and stuffed dogs. Begin bath and laundry. At dinner she threw up again.

the next day she told me, “I puped.” It was hard not to laugh.

here we were, 4 years ago last weekend:
wedding picture
Three kids later, “Oh the times, they are a changin'”

David turned 38.

We bought a new digital camera. It can go underwater, be dropped from a height of 6 feet and be exposed to dust and freezing conditions. Is it not the ideal camera for a family with small children, or what? its the Olympus 1030SW (for Shock and Waterproof). I love it. Its small, and takes great pictures:
dorothy at a crawfish boil.
This one was taken at a crawfish boil, and I just love the colors. Don’t you?
here’s a sample of its underwater capablilities:
underwater camera
how freakin’ cool is that? I anticipate lots of fun with that feature in the months and years to come!

That’s Reid doing one of our favorite things!

now, for fun, here’s dorothy doing the same thing!

does anyone find them nearly as funny as I do?

in other news. I’ve had a cold all week and am just miserable.

3 responses to “She puped (and lots of other stuff too)

  1. I find them funny!!!! Sorry you have a cold….get well soon! (and no puping for you!)

  2. For sure I find them just as funny as you do!!! They both put a smile on my face. Better get Adam to do it. He’ll be wondering why he wasn’t included in all of that fun. Love Nona

  3. Cousin Melissa

    We have video of Julia doing this too! Must be a Sternthal thing! 😉

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