english muffin bread

so the first batch didn’t turn out so well. i added too much water and didn’t sufficiently grease the pan. it got stuck and completely mangled on the way out.

i tried it again yesterday and it came out much better. The next time I make it I’ll take pictures of the process and post the recipe. It is so easy–it doesn’t require any kneading, so even someone who is ‘afraid’ of yeast could make it.


One response to “english muffin bread

  1. Hey you and me, where in the same place..I just baked my first loaf last week, the first pan was a 20 pound brick ( I got impatient and didn’t let it rise) and the second one turned out..well just ok, let’s just say they ate it, but personally I didn’t think it had any flavor. I guess you can’t have it all?? Practice and in my case patience. Have fun!

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