its alive

For a while I’ve been thinking about baking my own bread. I’ve always been a baker, my mother baked her own bread for a long time, and taught me how to bake challah as a kid. Every now and then I’ll get out the flour and yeast and bake a loaf or 2. As I got older, it was always a special treat when my mother would bake bread, and that’s the way I’ve always viewed it. Until now.

With the birth of the boys, I’ve taken a look at how and what we eat. (It helps that I hate to eat out now, so we are eating at home more. ) I’ve joined an organic vegetable co-op, and every 2 weeks I bring bags of organic (and sometimes local) fruits and veggies into the home.

Baking bread is so easy, I think we’re going to be doing more of it. Today I mixed up a batch of James Beard’s ‘english muffin bread.’ It required no kneading at all, and its in the oven baking now. It was pretty cool to make because as the oven was heating up, I actually watched it bubble away.

I’ve sent away to this place to get sourdough starter. I’ve been reading up on the process here, and I hope that when my starter arrives I don’t totally screw it up and kill it. The starter was free, so at least if it doesn’t work, I won’t feel like I’ve lost a huge investment, or anything.


One response to “its alive

  1. You should talk to Mel – she no longer buys bread from stores, and baking bread is an activity with the kids. Let me know how the sourdough turns out!!

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