The ‘you suck’ hour

or ‘the evening of my discontent’

or whatever you call the hour to hour and 1/2 of time before the twins go to sleep and the screaming (and the nursing) is practically non-stop.

At least we’re able to laugh about it.

for the first time ever I made a dinner and then had to call in for take-out. I tried to make a curry with onions, cauliflower, tofu and coconut milk. I couldn’t believe how bad it turned out. At least I didn’t put the cauliflower in before I decided it was trash. Really, I should have stopped when I realized the curry paste I bought had shrimp in it. Instead I used curry powder. The whole thing just tastes burned and acrid. So, instead, Chipotle. Its dorothy’s favorite. Of course, david tried my failed curry and loved it.


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