stupid, stupid, stupid

after my last bout with mastitis I virtually stopped pumping, and Adam and Reid stopped getting bottles. It was too much work, David was exhausted from being up with me every night, and all I wanted to do was nurse and get rid of the clogged ducts that got me into such trouble in the first place. Well, I got over the mastitis, and (thankfully) haven’t had any issues since. But Adam and Reid have not taken a bottle since. And now I want them to.

We had the same issue with dorothy. She took bottles happily and without argument until she was 6 weeks old. I went away for the weekend without her and it was fine. then we stopped giving her bottles and she wouldn’t take one when we wanted her to.

I should have been smarter. I could have seen this coming from a mile away.

Now I am exhausted and probably anemic and I cannot get Adam to take the bottle at all. Reid took 1/2 ounce this morning and I was all, “yay, yippe, you’re great!” But really 1/2 oz is not going to get me anywhere, especially if his brother won’t do it at all.

I plan on starting the boys on solids a few days after they turn 6 months old (next month) and I’m really depending on them to eat the solids. I just can’t have the two of them nursing exclusively for as long as their sister did.

and we’re going to work on the bottles every day from now on. possibly twice a day.



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