meet the new boss, hopefully not the same as the old boss

dorothy does not like to sit at the table for meals. she rarely eats at home. i hear she eats at school, and she usually eats well when we go out. at home she is all over the place.
tonight we try something new. she will get one warning, and then she will get put in her high chair. we will do the same thing at breakfast, and again tomorrow at dinner.
a while ago we decided that we would no longer make special meals for her, she either eats what’s in front of her, or not. but we are not short order cooks. Many nights she goes to bed without eating anything. She usually does not act hungry, or seem upset by this at all.
But the dinertime hour here is madness, only made worse by the fact that she will not sit in her chair, and I am increasingly upset by this. Once the boys start eating it will really be crazy here, and if we do not institute some kind of order I might just go crazy.
If she doesn’t eat, she doesn’t eat. that’s fine. but she’s got to sit.
We might end up with 3 high chairs–one for each kid. but if that means everyone is sitting still for a few minutes it is fine with me.


2 responses to “meet the new boss, hopefully not the same as the old boss

  1. Stay Strong Sista!!!

  2. We are going through the same thing. What’s with those two?? Logan doesn’t end up goign to bed hungry. He usually ends up doing a chore or two and lands himself a reward of gummy shark bites or spiderman snacks 🙂

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